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Looking to Join the Neighborhood Association? Just pay the annual dues! Here's How!


Road Runnder LogoWe all know that being a part of a community is important for our physical and emotional well-being, and studies have shown that a feeling of alienation is the number one cause of stress. The simple knowing that one is a member of a supportive community that will hear your concerns and will strive to address these issues is something of value. The Pueblo Alto Neighborhood Association (PANA) strives to be a supportive community for its members and encourages you to participate as you are able and through attendance at our bi-yearly meetings. These gatherings are an opportunity for us to engage with each other and are quite informative as we invite various speakers from the larger community such as representatives of local law enforcement agencies, health services, our local artists, real estate representatives, and city planning which may affect our neighborhood, to name just a few.  Even if you do not consider yourself to be someone who would actively engage in these activities, please consider supporting the interests of this community and your neighbors through joining and contributing the small membership fee. You are presently on the e-mail list for the association and will occasionally receive crime alerts and other announcements of interest as a member of this community.  Your e-mail address will not be shared or used for other purposes.

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